How to choose the energy saving of the refrigerated cabinet

Source: Hits:Date:2017-5-31 15:16:14

The concept of energy saving and low carbon life slowly in everyone's life form, select fresh cabinet, first is the energy conservation, in recent years, on the market energy-saving fresh-keeping cabinet is endless, taking into account the consumers of the requirements of energy saving, many businesses under the banner of energy-saving card counters preservation, and to not understand consumers of energy-saving device for is confused.

One, the election of energy-saving, but also to see the overall configuration, the compressor using the brand, the use of vacuum insulation board, but it is not only the impact of these factors, but also other factors, such as door seal, so only the overall system of organic coordination to ensure that the real festival.

Second, the subfamily reminded, meet ultra low power consumption of the refrigerator product, must make clear it is how to achieve, and prevent some businesses deliberately pursue ultra low power consumption, but to reduce the refrigerating capacity, reduce the capacity of the freezing chamber, reducing the use of refrigerator temperature range, by sacrifice or weaken the core functions of the refrigerator refrigeration effect to reducing energy consumption of surface.

, subfamily, energy conservation can not be only the power consumption; fresh keeping cabinet power consumption is related to many factors, effective volume, refrigerating capacity, suitable climate types of Different Antistaling freezer chamber volume is larger, freezing capacity stronger. So not only the energy storage, power consumption as the only standard to judge whether or not such.