The harm of fluoride in the supermarket refrigerated display cabinet

Source: Hits:Date:2017-6-15 8:57:23

Harm to body: supermarket freezer leakage fluorine phenomenon, if the supermarket freezer leakage fluorine speed fast, indoor and inadequate ventilation, the supermarket refrigerator Freon leak rapid asphyxiation. When the supermarket refrigerator Freon at high concentrations and after inhaled can cause disorientation, nausea, vomiting, anesthesia effect. There will also be a heart disorder, and even death.

Harm on the environment: the supermarket freezer general use of freon in the normal state is a colorless, odorless gas, combustion does not also won't explode, not corrosion is safe refrigerant, it in the presence of water only alkali slowly and in a state of high will be lysed. Supermarket freezer leakage of fluorine, the greatest danger of CFCs to the ozone layer, it will damage the ozone layer, destruction of the ozone layer after UV increases, bring a series of problems increase the incidence of some diseases. To protect the environment, everyone's responsibility.

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