Supermarket fresh cabinet is not placed in the environment of high temperature

Source: Hits:Date:2017-6-15 8:58:24

Under normal circumstances, we have to put the supermarket fresh cabinet on the interior, of course, do not rule out a fool in the sun. Supermarket fresh cabinet is not placed in the heat of the environment:

Reasons: the level of fresh supermarket counters are placed on the environmental temperature will directly affect the cooling performance of the supermarket fresh keeping cabinet, some users winter will supermarket fresh cabinet is placed in a heating of the room, and the summer is put on the sunny terrace, such an approach is not appropriate.

It is proved by experiments that the ambient temperature is too high, it will affect the cooling efficiency of the cooling gas, so that the power consumption increases, while the performance of the refrigeration decreases. When the ambient temperature from 22 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius, power consumption to increase by 50%. Therefore, the supermarket fresh cabinet placed the environment temperature should not be too high.

Actually fresh supermarket counters can be divided into several types: SN: subtemperate type; environmental temperature of 10 DEG C to 32 DEG C N temperate type; ambient temperature of 16 degrees to 32 degrees ST: subtropical type; ambient temperature of 18 degrees 38 DEG C T: tropical; ambient temperature of 18 degrees to 43 DEG C, consumers buy fresh supermarket counters try to choose loose temperate supermarket type fresh-keeping cabinet.