Supermarket keeping secret of the manual fast except for maintenance

Source: Hits:Date:2017-6-15 8:59:10

In addition to cream is every supermarket can not avoid the problem, some exaggerated point of supermarket fresh cabinet two weeks will be the first time, so as to achieve the normal operation of the supermarket, then how to quickly and effectively deal with the supermarket fresh cabinet inside the cream?

1, the first supermarket fresh cabinet temperature control knob to the "the most cold" file, so that the supermarket to run for 20 minutes or so, so that supermarket fresh cabinet food has a lower temperature, the food out of the box, and then unplug the power plug.

2, some of the more difficult to melt the places you can use hot towel hot compress to melt the ice. I do not propose to use the hair dryer to melt, because the temperature of the hair dryer is difficult to handle, easy because the supermarket freezer interior deformation caused by high temperature.

3, washing supermarket fresh cabinet. Artificial cream at the same time can also carry out supermarket fresh cabinet cleaning work, is conducive to extend the service life of the cooked food cabinet.

Subfamily after-sales recommendations, freezer which brand is good do not "wind and rain", about method of removing frost still choose more common effective way, defrosting is not one or two things, every week must do the radio gymnastic exercises.